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In Home Salon FAQ

"What do I need to have in my home to prepare?"

-Not much! I bring my own towels, shampoo, gloves, tools, products, mirror etc. All I need is:

     1.Sink (preferably with hose)

     2.Chair with low back (computer or regular size kitchen seats work best)

     3.Table (kitchen table or countertop works fine!)

     4.An outlet for appliances (I have my own extension chords)

"Do I need to clean my house?"

-No! I expect homes to be lived in- especially ones with kids! I can clear a work space and a sink.  

You gave me a window of time that your arriving.  Why can't you give an exact time?

-I operate my business like a general contractor.  Hair can be unpredictable, and life happens.  Clients are expected to be a home during the window timeframe.  If I arrive and client is not home or will be more then 10 minutes late, Client forfeits their appointment and must pay a non-refundable retainer to secure next appointment.  

"How Do I Shampoo?"

-I bring a special shampoo extension that turns your sink into a shampoo bowl. No leaning over the sink or laying on counter tops!

"Can I still do normal activities while I get my hair done?"

-After I apply your color, you can continue to do your laundry, cook dinner, or stay on your conference call. I will guide you on timing and tell you what is achievable in that amount of time.

"How come you charge extra for processing time?"

-Since I am not in the salon and unable to take other clients at the time, I charge a processing fee to make up for the time lost and travel time.

"What methods of payments do you accept?"

-Cash, check, and various app payments available.

"Can I buy products from you?"

-No. In order to best customize each experience for my client, I use a mixture of consumer, high end, and professional brands. Each formulation and product recommendation is different. I can tell you where to buy products for every need and budget.

"Can my kids/pets be home during the service?"

-Absolutely! I love children and have no allergies to any animals. All I ask is that they are prepared and occupied, because some of my services require a specific timeline. It is also very important that children and pets are not allowed near my tools and products, as that is a huge risk to everyone's safety and the cleanliness of my kit. It is strongly recommended to have another adult present with little children around.

I thought it was illegal to do hair at home?

According to The Pennsylvania State Law of Cosmetology:

§ 7.81. Rendering of services outside a salon.

A cosmetologist or holder of a limited license, with the permission of the employing salon, may render by appointment cosmetology or limited license services to persons at their residences and to persons who are confined to institutions due to illness, imprisonment, old age or similar circumstances.

§ 7.82. Record of services rendered outside a salon.

A licensee who renders licensed services outside the salon shall maintain at the employing salon complete records for each service rendered outside the salon, including the date, time, place and fee charged. The record of outside services shall be considered part of the records of the salon.

§ 7.83. Responsibility of a salon for outside services.

A salon through which appointments are made for the rendering of cosmetology or limited license services outside the salon shall be responsible for ensuring that the licensees are fully supplied and equipped when they perform services outside the salon and that all other requirements of this chapter are complied with.

I am in compliance with all state laws, following all sanitation, technical, and recording procedures.  I am fully licensed and insured.  

Other Notes:

Please have parking available. If meter or payment parking is required, it will be added to the clients total.  


Due to safety, sanitation, and insurance, NO ONE is allowed to touch my kit besides myself. If anything gets broken or contaminated, client is responsible for replacement. 

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